Topkidsplay builds the customized indoor playground available Safety, Quality, Durability, Creativity & Value.Topkidsplay provides turnkey solutions. We provide “Best of Class” theming solutions and “Free Indoor Playground Design”. As one of China's most professional indoor playground manufacturers, Topkidsplay equipment is built from high quality materials and component specifications so that it meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards . Careful details mean a better play experience and long lifetime. We use the third party testing labs approved by the USA and EU Consumer Products Safety Commission to provide different testings.

Why is the quality of indoor playground so important?

The answer is quite simple. Topkidsplay helps to ensure that your purchase lasts many years and maintains a high level of safety with our high quality of indoor playground. That’s to say, having high quality indoor playground equipment would help greatly in reducing the maintenance cost and ensuring the long-term profitability. 

What are the quality differences in indoor playground?

On first glance, indoor playground equipments from different manufacturers look similar. But when check details, you can find the quality of indoor playground is totally different. Below are some examples that show the quality differences between Topkidsplay playgrounds and the low quality playgrounds of other companies.

> 1.Steel Pipe

Not all steel pipes are strong. The thickness from 2 mm-3.25mm is for our steel pipes. Our steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized where the whole pipe is soaked of molten zinc so the pipes are protected from rusty.

In comparison, some companies use a cheaper process such as ” electroplated coatings",such steel is not real galvanized steel, and those pipes are easily rusted.

> 2.Clamps

Topkidaplay'sclamps are made of galvanized steel with powder-coating to prevent from rusting. You can test the quality of the clamps with a heavy hammer. You will find the differences between Dreamland Playground and low quality clamps.

> 3.Platform

Topkidsplay platforms made by wood with thickness 15-20mm and covered, covered by 50mm foam are complied which complied with GB 6675-2003 standard. In comparison, the platforms of some other manufatures might be only around 30mm.

Topkidsplay platfoms are completely wrapped in EPE and Sponge covered with the PVC tarpaulin. So the platforms are soft and safe enough.

> 4.Foam noodles

Not all foam noodles are durable and fire resistant. The foam noddles are made by high density EPE material with glossy bright PVC vinyl. The PVC vinyl is UV-resistant even in sunlight to be durable and stronger. Topkidsplay has foam noodles in fire resistance to match ASTM standards.

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