Indoor Playground Installation
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Topkidsplay guarantee the installation details as clear as possible. If you install by yourself, reference installation videos, drawings and photos will be provided. Plus 24hs after sales service personnel can be contacted if you have any question in the process of installation. If you have enough budget, you can also ask our engineers to come for installation. We have professional installation team who can speak English with different countries' visas to help you finish the installation.

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We love our customers, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you buy an indoor Playground from Topkidsplay, you won’t ever have to worry about customer support!

We have been worked with Simona and the team at TOPKIDSPLAY® since 2014 from our first park till our franchise brand park. We have selected several suppliers at first but we finally choose TOPKIDSPLAY® because of their patient, professional and fast with good service. They listened to our ideas, checked our location drawings, suggested some attractive parts, and then we came up with our overall design concepts. Even though we never met before, we trusted them so much...
Top brand park in Australia
Introduced by one of my friend, I began to know Nora and TOPKIDSPLAY®. She is very responsible for all my details in every park. Although there will be some problems at first, they will solve together with me. I sell all of their products in Poland. When I check their equipment every time, I will be surprised again. Because they are improving all the time to become better and better. I would like to work together and grow with this kind of team.
Distributor in Poland
It was great meeting Nora and Simona in Orlando. We appreciate them spending time with us going over the details of the parks. We are very interested in using your group for future projects. Everything is good--Communication is good, quality is good, installation is good...
Top brand park in USA